League Information


  • The “Swerve 2 Person League” commenced on Wednesday 14th June 2017.
  • The leagues are split into 2 divisions.
  • Division 1 has 5 teams and Division 2 has 6 teams.
  • Each Wednesday 4 of the 5 teams from Division 1 will play and all teams from Division 2 will play.
  • Each team has been designated a captain. If you do not wish to be the captain, please contact Steve.
  • The captain is responsible for arranging the team for each match.
  • Each player will pay £2.50 per match that they play.  Both teams pay the fee.
  • All matches will be best of 5.  4 singles matches and 1 doubles match.
  • Match sheets will be available from the reception desk.
  • Completed match sheets should be returned to the reception desk.
  • League tables will be published on the Swerve notice board and on the website.



Division 1

AAlec Ward
Holly Williams
Sam Bailey ©
BAnthony Pheonix
Peter Smallcombe
Jamie Peacock
Adam Gent
CJosh Harland ©
Callum McRae
Sophie Barlow
Katie Barlow
DSteve Brunskill
Kieran Wardell ©
Will Dobinson
Erin Greensmith
ENuradin Muktar
Stuart Park ©

Division 2

AAndy Hegarty
Peter Atkins
Katie Peacock
Charlotte McCarty
BJess Dunn
Alan Kell
Mike McMohon ©
Steve Tuck
CAngus Poole ©
Ian Taylor
Gary Ableson
Peter Seaton
DKashif Mamood
Dave Brown ©
Oliver Cuthbert
Peter Phillips
Paul Schofield
EKashif Mamood
Dave Brown ©
Oliver Cuthbert
Peter Phillips
Anwar Rasoul
FTerry Lonsdale
Mark Schiff
Mike Stokes
Nigel Green


114/06/2017A v BC v DE v F
221/06/2017E v AD v BC v F
328/06/2017E v BA v CD v F
405/07/2017B v CD v EA v F
512/07/2017A v DE v CB v F
619/07/2017B v AD v CF v E
726/07/2017A v EB v DF v C
802/08/2017B v EC v AF v D
909/08/2017C v BE v DF v A
1016/08/2017D v AC v EF v B


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